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Travel to Heidelberg From Frankfurt Airport

Heidelberg is about 90 km south of Frankfurt. From Frankfurt International Airport there are several methods of getting to Heidelberg.

Via Train

Frankfurt Airport has two train stations, to travel to Heidelberg it is quickest to use the Fernbahnhof. Via Inter City Express (ICE) it takes about an hour and usually involves one train change in Mannheim or in Frankfurt. For timetables and train fares see please check

Via Airport Shuttle

It is also possible to take the Lufthansa Airport Shuttle from Frankfurt International Airport to Heidelberg. Vans run between 7:00 a.m. and 10:15 p.m. from the Frankfurt Airport pick-up location. It is however necessary to make a reservation in advance (at least one day ahead), this can be done directly online at The shuttle ends at the rear entrance of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Heidelberg. From there, you can either take a taxi or walk to the nearby Bismarckplatz and take bus 32 (direction Neuenheim, Kopfklinik).

By Car

By car the journey from Frankfurt Airport is straightforward and should take around one hour. After leaving the airport you need to travel south-west, follow signs directing you to the A5 highway. The onramp is only 1km away, the sign reads Basel/Darmstadt/A5.

Arrival by Car

If you are coming from the A5 highway change onto the A656 towards Heidelberg at the Heidelberg interchange (Autobahnkreuz Heidelberg). If you are coming from the A6 highway get onto the A656 towards Heidelberg at the Mannheim interchange (Autobahnkreuz Mannheim). The A656 leads directly into Heidelberg.

At the end of the highway take the first left towards Neuenheim/Universitätsklinikum, after approximately 100 m turn right onto Vangerowstraße. Follow this road a further 350 m, it bends to the left and along the Neckar River. You will drive under the bridge and immediately afterwards you need take the first road to the right to get onto the Ernst-Walz Bridge and cross over into Neuenheimer Feld. You will find the university campus to your left. After the bridge, take the first left into Jahnstraße, the road bends right. After 200 m turn left into Kirschnerstraße, you will need to get a ticket at the boom. Continue along Kirschnerstraße, after about 400 m the road name changes to Hofmeisterweg, after a further 300 m you will find the Hospital of Internal Medicine (Medizinische Klinik) to your right.

To park you need to exit the boomed road. You will find two park garages in the direct vicinity namely Parkhaus Medizinische Klinik and the Parkhaus Zoo (maximum charge € 7/day).

If you are entering Heidelberg and Neuenheimer Feld from the North (coming from Dossenheim or Schriessheim and not from the highway) you will enter Heidelberg on the B3. When you reach Hans-Thoma-Platz take the road to the right, it is called Berliner Straße. Continue on Berliner Straße for aproximately 950 m. At this point, turn right into the road Im Neuenheimer Feld (it is at the tram station „Technologiepark“). Continue along the road for 1 km until you reach a T-junction. Turn left into Tiergartenstraße and follow it for approximately 500m. You will now find the Parkhaus Medizinische Klinik, as well as, the Zoo Parkhaus on your right, where you will find adequate parking. The Hospital of Internal Medicine is to your left, just ahead beyond the boom.

Arrival by Public Transport

From Heidelberg main train station, you can either take tram 21 or 24 towards Handschuhsheim, or bus 32 towards Neuenheim, Kopfklinik. If you take the tram you will still need to change over to a bus, or walk. Both the busses and trams run every 10 minutes during the week, however on Sundays and public holidays, they are far less frequent and you might have to wait up to half an hour.

From tram 21 or 24 travel until you reach the station „Jahnstraße“(it should be the second stop). From here walk towards the campus along Jahnstraße. About 30m away you will find a bus stop on the right hand side of the road. Here you can wait for bus 32 towards Neuenheim, Kopfklinik. Alternatively you can stay on the tram until the stop „Technologiepark“ and take bus 31, towards Neuenheim, Chirurgische Klinik, that leaves from the same point. Both bus 31 and 32 will take you to the Hospital of Internal Medicine, the bus stop is called „Medizinische Klinik“ and is directly in front of the hospital.


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